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"The majority of Lumni’s students are the first of their entire family line to complete (and attend) a university and they only need to pay a small percentage for the three years after they graduate back to Lumni in payment for Lumni paying their tuition."

"We were excited to serve Ahimi, the highly anticipated plant-based sushi, to twenty friends in NYC and they didn’t know that it wasn't tuna. It was so good and tasty, that no one knew that it was tomato based. They are expanding in the US and soon will be coming to Europe."

"The majority of fish food used in the world is a bi-product of the food industry, but Calysta’s clean fish food will change that. They have a revolutionary process to ferment methane gas into an environmentally clean high protein fish food."

"90% of the people of Cape Town are dependent on informal public transportation! Goodwell has invested in the local high tech “Uber like” app WheresMyTransport, empowering slum dwellers and local communities all over Africa with reliable accurate transport data."

"Insects have a low ecological footprint and are the perfect sustainable alternative to regular protein sources? Insects are nature’s most powerful upcyclers and are the missing link in our food system. They can help create a circular food system and enable us to move from a resource depleting linear system of production."