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Through its advisory services, OrangeGaia contributes to driving sustainable and profitable growth, fostering a future where business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. The advisory services provided are characterized by the following key areas:

  1. Strategic Investment Advice
    With three decades of experience in investment entrepreneurship, we provides expert guidance on private equity investments, real estate developments, and capital preservation strategies, with a keen focus on impact investing that aligns profit with social and environmental responsibility.

  2. Legal and Tax Structuring
    With a deep understanding of the complexities in legal and tax structuring, especially in cross-continental ventures, we offer valuable insights and solutions that optimize operations while adhering to compliance and regulatory standards.

  3. Corporate Structuring and Consortium Formation
    Leveraging our experience in high-level negotiations and corporate governance, we assist in structuring corporations and forming consortia, ensuring efficiency and alignment with strategic goals.

  4. Project Implementation and Management
    Specializing in large-scale project implementations like the Zanzibar Passenger and RoRo Ferry Terminal project, we can provide oversight and management advice from conception through to execution, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

  5. Sustainable Development and Impact Investments
    Our recent focus on for-profit private equity impact investments positions us to uniquely advise on projects that not only yield financial returns but also create positive social and environmental impacts.

  6. Financial Oversight and Risk Management
    Our background in managing diverse investment portfolios across multiple continents allows us to offer guidance on financial oversight and risk management, critical for the stability and growth of any venture.